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Leveraging on a cross-border eco-system for start-ups & SME


There are many attempts at start-ups but few get actual traction and few get funded and even fewer actually graduated with a chance to compete in the market space. This dilemma stems primarily from an investor driven model and unless one is well connected or is fortunate enough to be the ‘chosen’ percentage, the chances of success is minuscule. 


We believe that piecemeal approaches, isolated investments and ventures lack the needed synergy and fermenting ground to ensure a greater chance for success for business and companies. Aristotle wisely states that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. We envision a project that encompasses the different elements for a true business and innovation eco-system to flourish.

The premise for this project is founded on the need for providing more opportunities for more start-up companies to secure more funding and to allow more of them to graduate and have more than just a fair chance to be successful in the market. This is a grassroots approach that is ‘for the people, by the people and for the benefit of the people’. We focus on and support innovations that are differentiated and that makes a difference for society. We use a market and process driven approach to incubate and ready our start-up companies for market penetration and expansion. We also provide the platform, environment and support for SME to execute joint ventures (JV) and to penetrate new markets.

Our ‘new & differentiated’ Silicon Valley provides an environment that is conducive for innovative thinking, promotes collaboration and minimizes red tapes and bureaucratic maze.

We will leverage on robotics, artificial intelligence and other augmented technologies to shrink the geographical distance between US and China. We will build a state of the art communication, conference facilities and experience center that will utilize virtual reality, real time translations and 3-D printing to enhance the business experience.

“We incubate and accelerate! We provide landing services, faster go-to-market and greater chance of success for SME in US and in the China market”

We seek to provide a ‘google like’ collaborative environment that is fun and conducive for innovations and business accelerations. Our 9-months incubator and 6-months “go-to-market” programs are extensions and enhancement for success for existing and new start-ups. Yes, we seek to provide a “one-stop shop” environment whereby our members can have a full gamut of needed services from discovery, to incorporation and all the way to an exit strategy that includes IPO and / or M&A.

GX VENTURES intends to launch Qi Town which is a 25,000 sq. ft. innovation / incubator / business accelerator in Chicago. We are seeking investments and participation from like-minded professionals who believe in this grassroots innovation approach. We believe in collaboration and welcome your input. If you can make that difference, please reach out to us.


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